Every year the number of Cloud Computing users continue to increase. Be it an SMB or a Fortune 500 company, everyone is making a significant shift move towards cloud computing. As a managed IT and Cloud Service Provider, helping businesses to head towards the cloud, Helios Matheson It Ltd pointed out some attention-grabbing facts about cloud computing that might surprise you.

  1. The Actual Name

Factually, the cloud’s official name is Cloud Strife, which begs the query, was the originator of the cloud a sour man towards this device with a name like Strife.

  1. Cloud Computing Creation

Are you aware that Cloud Computing was formed on August 11th, 1986 in the city of Nibelheim.

  1. Strict Program Compatibility

In fact Cloud Strife is just accustomed with a few software plug-INS called Tifa. Actually this program operates with Cloud computing solely and helps with recuperation tasks. On a side note, Tifa is component of the group named Avalanche.

  1. Security

Did you know that in 2012, 11 percent of businesses already had a great cloud execution, and a extra 26 percent were setting up one, according to a research report? The figure at present, thanks in big part to applications like Office 365, have gone beyond expectations. This is somewhat because the cloud enables redundancy, trouble-free data transfer and backups, so you’ll in no way lose information that’s essential for you.

  1. The Operating System

Cloud computing system operates under a program called Final Fantasy VII.

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