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April 3, 2018
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The List of Features in The Latest Windows 10 Preview


Microsoft has come up with a new preview build for Windows insider community. This preview gives them an insight into some of the new features that windows will be equipped with in the next Creators update, sometime this year. Windows Insiders are PC users who have signed up for early preview builds of the Windows operating system. The Preview Build highlights new features available in beta. The insiders help Microsoft with a feedback which lets them fine-tune Windows before releasing them to the users. Following are the key highlights to the preview build 17093.

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Increased control over privacy

In lieu of the privacy concerns with respect to the diagnostic data collected by Microsoft, the company added a diagnostic data viewer in their last build. It provides users a glimpse of the data collected by Microsoft.  It can easily be accessed in Settings > Privacy > Diagnostics & feedback-> Delete data. Prior to sharing it with Microsoft, Windows 10 creates a large amount of diagnostic data. The option to delete it however, will only be useful when the data viewer shows the data and time of the next diagnostic log to be shared.

Increased control for gamers

The Gamebar has been given a facelift and has been redesigned to help users instantly find what they are looking for. Customizing the Gamebar by applying dark, light or current Windows themes is also an option. The new build has a graphics setting page for multi-GPU systems. Users can easily find the panel in Settings-> System-> Display->Advanced graphics settings.

Say no to passwords on Windows 10S

Microsoft is working on alternatives to passwords. Users can now unlock their PCs using the free Microsoft Authenticator app on their Android and iOS devices. For users who don’t have fingerprint sensors on their PCs, this feature can come in handy.

Easy connection to Bluetooth devices

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In Windows 10S, a notification option has been added for connecting available Bluetooth devices. Whenever a device will be available, the user will receive a notification asking them to connect to the devices. Users will not have to visit the Bluetooth page anymore.




Improvements in Edge browser

Microsoft is working to catch up with rivals when it comes to browser space. With every build, they add a new feature. The latest build is equipped with an option to access the address bar and also navigate to the other sites without exiting the full-page mode. Users can simply move the cursor to the top of their screen and the familiar controls will pop up for use.

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