Publishers irrespective of their age, background and experience, from any part of the world can deliver an amazingly fast and indulging reading experience for Facebook users just by following these simple steps:

You need to sign up for Facebook Instant Articles

Set up your account on Facebook for having an access to publishing tools:

  1. Go to from your Facebook accout
  2. Choose the Facebook Page that you prefer for managing your Instant Articles.
  3. Agree to the terms and conditions of Instant Articles comprising of the content and advertising policies.
  4. To have an access to the tools, click on Publishing Tools option given on your Facebook Page. Now look for Instant Articles in the left navigation bar and click on it.

Create and submit your taster articles

Import articles from your Content Management System (CMS) and render them as Instant Articles:

  1. The next step is to upload your logo and develop bespoke styles to give your publication a unique look and feel.
  2. Import your articles with the Instant Articles RSS or an API feed and make templates for your article score. Otherwise, if you’re using a third-party publishing platform such as WordPress, have a look on one of the comprehensible plugins maintained by the partners.
  3. Check how your articles get rendered with the help of Facebook’s Pages Manager app for iPhones and Android devices.
  4. Submit some of the articles for reviewing—the articles will be approved by Instant Articles team or they might ask you to make some updates to ensure that your articles tag on content and advertising policies.

Start With Publishing

Allow your mobile readers to have an experience that is indulging, fast and informative:

  1. Make use of the auto-publish setting for RSS feeds to ensure that all your articles load as Instant Articles in Facebook.
  2. Count on the Instant Articles Developer blog for new-fangled features and updates:
  3. Persistently explore your traffic and engagement and regularly publish Instant Articles to observe that how the experience boosts your readership on Facebook.

Just like any other publishing platform, the significance of Facebook Instant Articles majorly depends on your business model and objectives.

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