The evolution of medicine has radically changed the life expectancy of humans. Around 300 years ago, the average human life span was 40 years. Now, this number has doubled. New discoveries and research are adding more years to men’s age. Moore’s Law states that technology grows exponentially. This growth will affect the medical world on a large scale. Recent technological innovations in medicine have proved this fact. Here is a list of five technologies that’ll redefine healthcare:

Wireless Wearable Devices 

wearable devices, technological innovations in medicine, technological innovations

Wireless Wearable Devices

Most marathon runners are well-introduced to this technology. Some wearable devices record vitals of an individual, such as- heartbeat, pulse, blood pressure, and more. It’s been effectively applied in remote ICU control centers, where medics monitor patients based on the live stream these wireless wearable devices provide.  

Robotic Surgery 

Robotic Surgery, technological innovations in medicine, technological innovations

A concept once seen in Sci-fi movies is now a reality. Robotic surgery increases the dexterity and precision of surgery. As a trade off, the maintenance and startup cost is quite high. It still needs development and hopefully, one day it can perform organ transplantation.

3D Bioprints 

3D-Bioprints, technological innovations in medicine, technological innovations

With this technology, three-dimensional organs and tissues can be constructed with digital modeling. This process first requires specifying dimensions on the computer about the organ that is to be transplanted. A specialized printer replicates that model, using synthetic tissues. Recently, this technology saved the life of a 9-month-old baby with a rare heart defect.  


 Serelaxin, technological innovations in medicine, technological innovations

This is a new hormone-based drug with anti-inflammatory properties that will keep your cardiovascular system healthy. It expands the blood vessels to facilitate more blood flow. As a result, heart failures can be countered effectively.  

Cellular leapfrogging 

Cellular leapfrogging, technological innovations in medicine, technological innovations

Cellular leapfrogging has made is possible for scientists to change one cell type to another. Recently, mature liver cells of mice were turned into neurons. It’s a revolutionary step that’ll bring us closer to cellular regeneration technology and possibly, cloning. 

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  1. Priya says:

    Cellular leapfrogging is a big advancement in field of healthcare

  2. kriti Shah says:

    3D Bio prints is a great advancement

  3. Martha says:

    no doubt technology is adding age to human life

  4. Alice says:

    Wearable devices have brought a major change not only in Medicine but in routine life of people. Technology is bringing people closer through communication technology, nice article!

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