It is better to be safe than sorry so now is the ideal time to think about protection of your accounts. With the recent attacks on Twitter, the issue of privacy and protection has risen to the forefront.  Here are some IT security tips on how to create strong passwords that will keep your account safe:

  1. Use Complex Passwords

Four-digit PINs are not deemed safe anymore; there are more effective ways of keeping your smartphone safe. For Apple users, you can change the PIN so that it requires a more complex password to unlock your phone. Just go into settings, then ‘general,’ here you will see ‘password lock’.  Now you can turn off ‘simple passcode,’ which will allow you to enter a more complex password.

  1. Use long Tail passwords

If you’ve come up with a few password ideas, why not test them out and see how secure they are. The name is rather self-explanatory and it will tell you just how long it can take for a desktop PC to crack the password.

  1. Keep characters varied

Whatever your password is, using just one form of characters isn’t a safe practice. Use upper case letters, punctuation, numbers, and symbols to strengthen the password. An ideal example to look at is Apple and their user accounts. Each user’s password requires one upper case letter and one number minimum so that the passwords are strong. Passwords with different forms of characters make it very difficult for machines or individuals to crack them.

  1. Always log out from accounts

It is strongly advised to log out of a site when you’re done with it. Really, you must only log in to 4-5 websites regularly so the worst that you will have to endure is a few extra seconds of typing in your password. You should never forget to log out especially if you used a public computer or any device that isn’t your own. Never use the same password for more multiple accounts and also refrain from allowing web browsers saving your log in details.

To understand need of security better, visit- Rethinking security for the Internet of Things

IT security is taken seriously everywhere in today’s world where everything is digital and having strong passwords is one way to ensure IT security.

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