Green computing has popped up as one of the best IT solutions, wherein businesses make an effort to achieve the necessary trade growth without causing any damage to the environment.

The speedily increasing amount of electronic wastes has proved to be a major concern in today’s time. Over 70% of the entire harmful waste is made up by electronic waste. The production of certain computer spare parts requires the use of hefty quantity of heavy metals, toxic chemicals, noxious materials, plastics, etc. These substances are almost impossible to burn. Such substances, if burnt, will simply pollute the soil, underground water and air.

“Green computing is the eco-friendly and environmentally responsible use of computers and their resources.”

It is of great advantage to Earth and its environment seeing that companies are being careful now. They want electronic ravage to be disposed in an effectual way with the intention of not harming the environment. People have started realizing the importance of green technologies and the ways in which it helps the planet. Consumers want to associate with companies that have a green track record with a better brand value.

Green computing involves the practice and learning of how to use electronic resources with a fruitful approach. By implementing this in practice, the undesirable impacts of electronics on the environment can be brought down to a great extent. It promotes well-organized manufacturing, dumping and utilization of all kinds of electronic components. Listed below are some of the objectives:

  • Focus on recycling
  • Diminution of hazardous materials
  • Energy efficiency maximization

Average computer users can also adopt these general tips to make computer usage greener:

  • Use the sleep or hibernate mode when away from a computer for long periods.
  • Replace CRT monitors with LCD or flat-screen ones.
  • Go for energy efficient notebooks instead of high power consuming desktops.
  • Shut down PCs at the end of each day.
  • Refill cartridges instead of buying new ones.

Best IT solutions aren’t just growth oriented, they tend to conserve the environment as well.

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