Python is a high-level programming language that supports several programming paradigms such as imperative and functional programming, object-oriented, procedural styles and more. Along with all-inclusive standard library, Python attributes an active type system and automatic memory management.

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Python is like a “knight in shining armor” for the programmers as it allows them to make use of unique and different programming styles build easy or complex programs, obtain rapid results write codes roughly like verbal communication in a human language. Some of the mainstream systems and applications like YouTube, Eve Online, Google Search, Maya and iRobot machines have taken up Python for development.

Broadly there are two features that facilitate faster development time in Python as compared to other programming languages:

Python is an interpret language that rules out the requisition to accumulate code prior to implementing a program as this language does the assemblage in the background. For the reason that Python is a sophisticated programming language, it conceptualizes numerous complex particulars from the programming code. It lays much focus on this notion that its code can be understood by the majority learner programmers.

Though Python features prompt development times, but it tends to delay slightly in terms of execution time. It executes slower when juxtaposed with fully compiling languages like C and C++.

Certainly, where the processing speeds of computers are concerned, the speed discrepancies are generally observed in benchmarking tests and not in real-world processes. Usually, Python is built-in in Linux distributions and Mac OS X machines beforehand.

NetworkX is a Python coding language software package for the formation and manipulation of the structure, dynamics, and functions of complex networks.

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    I have been using python for my project and I found it very feasible and competent for the project.


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