Are you absolutely IT secured? Here are few Network Security techniques that are considered to be extremely offbeat but conversely they function quite efficiently in securing the company’s IT assets. The companies that undertake these techniques are adamant on using them as all they see results and distinguish these methods to be actually helpful. Therefore, we present some helpful IT security tricks:

  1. Renaming admin

“Administrator” is the most common name that one can secure for confidential accounts. It is always suggested to rename it something less apparent than this, which is undoubtedly fruitful. Nonetheless, this uncomplicated security strategy works. It is next to impossible for the attacker to crack names for your private accounts, if he hasn’t previously intruded your network or host. Unless they don’t know the names, they can hardly ever crack the right password. You can consult many network service providers like Reckon Infosystem that offer services like Network Planning & Optimization, Fixed & Core Network Engineering, Advanced Consulting, Program/Project Management and Business Process Automation.

  1. Getting rid of admin

One more suggestion is to do away with all extensive privileged accounts such as domain admin, enterprise admin, administrator, plus each account and group that has integral, prevalent, privileged permissions fixed by default. Even the Microsoft followed this commendation by disabling local Administrator accounts by default on every version of Windows starting with Vista/Server 2008 and later on.

  1. Honeypots

Modern computer honeypots are a crucial asset to your system which is still not respected or adopted as they deserve to be. As honeypot has no production value, it is set up exclusively to be attacked. When an attacker tries to stroke them, they propel an alert to the admin in order to investigate the touch. They endow with low noise and high value.

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