Apple’s Siri, a component of Apple Inc.’s iOS, tvOS and watchOS, operating systems, keeps getting upgraded with time. This is only possible owing to the unswerving efforts of many IT companies such as Techno campus and more. Here are few interesting features of Siri you can enjoy on your iPhone or iPad.

Setting Siri

Siri can be very useful while the user is trying to get to the settings for a specific App — just tell Siri, “Open (name the app) settings and it will do just that. I use “Siri, open Music settings” when on the move to toggle my iTunes’ ‘Show All Music’ setting to show only the music I have on the device, as I don’t always have bandwidth to stream other tracks from my iTunes Match account.

Messages with Siri

This is particularly useful if you have ‘Hey Siri’ active and your device plugged in: you can get Siri to read your messages, just say “Hey Siri, read my latest email”, or “read my latest message”, or “play my voicemail” and Apple’s assistant swings into action. You can ask Siri to “Find email about” any named topic.

Your Twitter Assistant

You can command Siri to post Twitter of Facebook updates, you just have to say “Post to Facebook” or “Tweet” and tag on this with what you want to post. You can also ask it to “Search Twitter for [specific thing]” and it will stumble on posts in relation to this topic for you.

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