In 2007, Apple launched its “super” phone that grabbed a lot of attention across the globe. In the event that Steve Jobs needed to “put a mark in the universe”, this was the item that truly did it. No item before or since had as large effect on the market as the iPhone did when it was launched in 2007.

Each era swings by, and every era acquires more deals, more income, and more benefit for Apple. Until a year ago, trade experts concluded an insane result that whenever a new iPhone gets launched then it earns even more profit then that earned by all the previously launched iPhones collected. Whenever a new and improved iPhone gets launched, it breaks a lot of records and sets a lot more.

Experts from Fugenx say that Samsung may be driving the route regarding general handset deals all around, and Android may have a much bigger part of the cell phone market, yet there’s still no single cell phone that surpasses the iPhone.

There is no doubt that iPhone has become a status symbol and people are going crazy over this oh-so-precious phone. Every other celebrity gets clicked showing off an iPhone and this is also one reason that people take pride in owning this luxurious product.

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