Here Comes New Tools for Mobile App Designs

Design can be a game changer, when it comes to the user interface (UI) of your mobile app. Since, it is the first interaction between the user and the application, it has the power to turn him on and use the app or turn him off and uninstall the app. With the dynamic business environment, mobile app design also needs to be dynamic and suggest benefits to its user.

There are different tools available in the market that can be used to make your product stand out of the crowd. These tools pave the way for planning and brainstorming, help in clear communication of ideas, solve technical troubles to build mind-boggling animations, and work relentlessly to refine your mobile app design, which includes improving your UI and user experience.

Here is the list of apps that can be used to develop interactive UI’s:

1. Sketch: Although a lot of designers, would opinionate Photoshop as their personal favourite, still a lot already have shifted to Sketch. This is a graphic designer tool which possesses similarity to Photoshop, but is more focused on UI design. Being a powerful tool, it offers wide range of features and brings professional results. It also offers zooming, 2x support, and styled vector shapes which are apt for multiple resolutions. Moreover, the app designers prefer 3 different tools namely Omnigraffle for wireframing, Photoshop for visual design, and illustrator for vector logos, interestingly all 3 features are available in the sketch.

Sketch mobile app designer tool

2. Mockplus: The next application on our list for mobile app design is Mockplus. It is a powerful and cleaner than any other prototyping tool, providing you code-free and easy-to-follow option, it also lets you create links or interactive pages, with simple drag-and-drop option. Additionally, mockplus is embedded with ‘group’ feature which works together with interactive components to generate a fully–customized component.

Mockplus mobile app designer tool

3. POP: If you find marvel app useful, but are still confused and looking for something that would be compatible with your Android device, POP is here to the rescue. It is one of the best applications for mobile prototyping and makes a direct transition from paper to the digital world. All you need to do is just click a picture of your sketches and upload them to POP, easiest yet best way to smooth interaction.

POP mobile app designer tool

4. UX Pin: Ux pin is an interactive wireframing and prototyping web tool. Its simple interface and built-in features make you create highly interactive wireframe and prototypes. Besides, with the ability of drag-and-drop synchronization with photoshop and sketch, the tool systematizes the workflow keeping all layers of design intact.

UXPin mobile app designer tool

5. Axure:  If you are in search of something that will provide dynamic mobile app design for UI mockups and wireframes. Axure can be a really helpful tool for you. Being a zero coding platform for wireframing applications and websites, Axure presents all the documentation tools, which are required to pass design choices and document the layouts for UI. In addition, you can make master pages or choose ready-made elements and patterns from widget library.

Axure mobile app designer tool

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