Nokia 3310: The most durable phone, and better than the original


Formerly, Nokia was one of the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturers but it lagged behind after Apple and Android smartphones took over the market. In 2014, Microsoft acquired Nokia’s Devices and Services division. Further in 2016, HMD Global, a Finnish company partially bought Microsoft’s feature phone business following which the company got a licensing agreement that allows it to manufacture smartphones under the brand name of Nokia.

With this, in 2017 Nokia 3310 resurged in a new conformation, making the fans nostalgic for the elapsed brand. Famous for its sturdiness and long battery life, the original Nokia 3310 was immensely popular in the 2000s. HMD Global has strived to reimage the classic touch with the latest features to make it suitable for the modern era.
Apart from a colour display screen, Nokia 3310 (2017 boasts of features you can look forward to. Here are some of the greatest standouts from the novel 3310:
• It looks slimmer, vivid and quite stylish
• The new display is larger and exhibits color (no more boring black-and-white displays).
• The phone now features a camera, a flashlight plus you can MMS images too
• It comes with an Opera browser along with an app store
• You can play games like Asphalt 6.
• A microSD card can store images.
• Battery life may last up to 22 hours and a month on standby mode.
• Yes, it still has all the Nokia-ness you love: That unforgettable earworm of a ringtone, and Snake.

Roughly priced at Rs 3,500, the new Nokia 3310 is expected to hit the markets in the second quarter of 2017. Initially, the phone will be available in markets such as India, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, and Europe. If you are bored of your typical polished 1080-pixel screen smartphone, the new Nokia 3310 is a perfect option for you.

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