Android is a mobile operating system originally developed by Android Inc. based on Linux kernel and later bought by google and developing the same with updated versions. Specific Android version is used for Cars,Tablets, watches and other such devices. It is an open source released by Google and developers use the same to develop applications. According to estimates, fifty million daily download such applications.

Google release android versions in alphabetical order starts from version 1.5 “cupcake” followed by “Donut 1.6” ,”honeycomb”, “Ice cream sandwich” ,”jelly bean” , “KitKat”, “Lollipop” and “Marshmallow”. Recently in May 2015 Google launched Brillo, which is an android based operating system for low power and memory constrained IOT devices. The latest in the list of Android version is Nougat. In every new version Google update android, add features and remove bugs. So Android Nougat is the most likely updated version 7.0,first released on March 9 2006 with new android Beta program, which permits android devices to update itself on Air. It means that there is no need to wait for long installing update and it can updated just by rebooting the phone instantly.Moreover, you can update Android versions while doing other things with the help of two partition techniqueswhere update would run on secondary partition and once system is rebooted, thensecondary partition automatically switch over to primary partition. Nougat Android version is very promising as compared to earlier Android version. Hence, new User expectations are quite high with new this new software application.Let us quick review of new feature of android nougat as compare to old versions.

  1. Multiwindow support, where you can run two application simultaneously on the same window
  2. Direct reply means you can reply directly from the notifications
  3. Dynamic quick settings: It allows you to easily insight about the settings for example battery display you can find out the reason of consuming battery.
  4. Advanced data saver mode which restricts applications to use low bandwidth.
  5. Nougat easily supports Android TV.
  6. 75% faster app installation than earlier version.

Now a day’s Nougat is the most likely Android version and high in demand. However, you never know when Google comes up with new Android versions.

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