Though the well-liked Android is an open book for a typical Smartphone user, yet, there are a few unheard facts about Android. One of the rarest known facts is Android was not developed by Google. Yes, Android was initiated by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Chri White and Nick Sears in October 2003. Google is facing a cut-throat competition in app development domain, that is Apple and they are working hard to widen their market. Apple users are eagerly waiting for upcoming IOS Apps yet to be launched. Google got hands on Android in August 2005 for 50 million dollars. And since that day, Android has come a long way. Unveiled by many mobile app development companies, such as Defuzed, here are some of the rarest known facts about Android you must know.

1. The updated versions were not always the name of the sweets
If you are familiar with Ubuntu, you must be aware of this fact. Ubuntu constantly sets out its releases in alphabetical order of animals like Saucy Salamander, Trusty Tahr and Utopic Unicorn. And same is the case for Android. Android releases are commonly alphabetically dessert names such as Honeycomb, Ice cream, Jellybean and Kitkat. However it was not the same initially. Preliminary cipher names of Android were Astro Boy and Bender, which evidently are not desserts.

2. Honeycomb was not at all released for smartphones
Yes it is a fact. Honeycomb was solitarily released for tablets with Motorola Xoom as launching device. But users got so unimpressed with it that after numerous negative reviews Google reinstated it with Ice cream.

3. There’s an Android phone present in space
A British company introduced a Nexus phone on Space, to direct a satellite as division of an experiment and observe how well consumer-grade electronics stand up to the hardness of space.

4. Who designed the Android logo
The logo was initially designed by a graphic designer named Irina Blok. Similar to the android source code, its logo is also open source reason why you might have seen it in several forms. In addition there is an app named Androidify found in Play Store in which you can modify the Android logo.

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