The Windows family of operating system has dominated personal computers all over the world ever since its inception. Although other operating systems like Linux, Mac OS are used too but their user base seems tiny as compared to that of Windows.

Speaking of Linux, it’s still looked as an OS that only “geeks” use. It must be noted that Linux is a dominant OS when it comes to mainframe computers and servers. Most people avoid using Linux as they think it‘s too complicated (to be fair it’s somewhat true). But we are listing 5 reasons that can make people change their minds and try Linux.

  1. Open – source and free

 Before using Windows you need to legally purchase it. Whereas, Linux is completely free – you can download it and install in as many systems as you want. “Open source” means that you can make changes to the OS and distribute it.

  1. Runs well even on old computers

 Linux is a resource-efficient operating system that runs on old computers without any problems. If you have a PC with moderate hardware specs and you’re struggling with Windows on it, try Linux. You will be surprised to see the difference.

  1. Ample of distributions available

Thanks to the wide community support and Linux’s open source, you can choose from a number of varied Linux distributions (called flavors or distros). Some of the popular flavors are Linux Mint and Ubuntu.

  1. Availability of all well-known software applications

You shouldn’t be worried about your favorite software program’s compatibility with Linux. This OS will run most of the widely used applications. It’s true that Windows is compatible with more applications than Linux. However, you can always take help of the “Wine” compatibility layer software that can run Windows apps on Linux.

  1. Linux is less prone to malware

Even though Windows users are now more secured thanks to latest antivirus programs and in-built security features, they are still prone to data loss and virus attacks. Your data is more secure if you’re using Linux as malware do not exist for this OS.

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  1. Martha says:

    Linux is more protected than windows

  2. Alice says:

    The best part is linux is more protected than windows


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