More and more industries are linking to the Internet at an astonishing pace with almost slight or no notion about how this may possibly affect their cyber security. Maybe the reason behind this is that numerous business groups find the security solutions irresistible and, in the course of getting hold of corporate approval for the budget, they find it complicated to justify expenditure for something they don’t completely understand.

Facts about Firewalls

  • A current survey done by the Chicago-based information technology law firm discovered that less than half of the respondents carried out routine security checks and merely 44% had the knack to track access to crucial data. No more than one-third of the respondents made use of any type of encryption.
  • Of these surveyed companies, 98% endow with access to the Internet and 97% offer distant access to their corporate networks. Sixty-one percent of these associations host their personal websites.


1951 – First commercially accessible PC was the Ferranti Mark 1

1957 – The expansion of what is now known as the Internet initiated by the Soviet Union

1969 – ARPANet formed by the US Defense Department (at present acknowledged as the Internet) first went live in October 1969. It made use of the NCP protocol (Network Control Protocol)

1970 – The world’s first and one of its kind wireless packet-switched network was ALOHAnet

1972 – ALOHAnet was the first network to connect to ARPANET

1974 – First routers – Xerox routers came into operation sometime after early 1974

1983 – TCP/IP protocol reinstated the NCP protocol

1985 – Introduction of Wi-Fi technology– FCC released a number of bands of radio spectrum for unlicensed practice

1986 – NSFNET (previously ARPANet) went online and allied to the CSNET network

1980– First security firewall was designed in the Late 1980’s

1991 – Official commencement of the World Wide Web for universal use by Tim Berners-Lee and colleagues at CERN

1994 – first-ever wireless Internet network in the world was created by Carnegie Mellon University

1997 – WEP encryption was launched designed for wireless security firewalls. WEP encryption is simply cracked within minutes

2003 – WPA and WPA2 encryption for wireless security firewalls was made accessible in devices in 2003

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