No doubt, Facebook has turned out to be the topmost supporter of 360-degree photos and videos delivering additional support to media formats previously active on the social media platform itself. Currently, the social media company is garnering support to capture 360 degree photos within its Facebook app.

The ability for 360-degree photos has been rolled out across both iOS and Android, starting from Monday.  It has the ability to tag friends. It has also opened up possibilities to utilize 360 degree images and put them on your cover photos. It should be noted that the format supports Facebook that includes cover photos in its introduction.

Previously, the 360 degree photos could be shared on the timeline and in albums alongside the standard images. The Facebook camera can also be used for capturing images as it employs computer vision to stitch the photo once it is rotated in panorama style.

Procedure to capture 360 degree photos in Facebook:

  • Go to Facebook app and click on “360 photos” from the News Feed.
  • Click on the blue button and follow steps stated from “start to finish” to take a view of the entire panorama.
  • Select the “starting view” suiting your preferences, and share.

The process is synonymous to 360 degree cameras built in the phone, wherein you create panoramas in the phone camera app. It is to be noted that capture process doesn’t happen in the nick of time, and the update generally applies to 360 degree photos for now. Facebook also supports 360 degree videos and it is still required to shoot them with the camera of Samsung Gear 360, Nikon Key Mission 360 and upload them.

Facebook has already been allowing its users with the option to upload and view 360 degree photos for a year but the capturing ability is the latest addition to it.

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