Here are few big tech facts and trends that are expected to have a strong influence on the IT and business world in 2016. Right from machine learning and neuromorphic computing architectures to an augmentation in sensory and contextual information to ambient user experiences, all will see a noteworthy impact this year. These prophecies are given away by several IT companies such as, Safezone Matrix and more.

Algorithmic personality detection

Are you aware of the fact that a few life insurance underwriters are trying to evaluate your personality with help of your publication and website subscriptions, the pictures you post on social media, etc. with an intention to determine how chancy an investment you are? Some lenders have utilized personality algorithms to foresee your future monetary transactions. Algorithms will strap up your data so as to evaluate your expected success at work, how prone you are to spring up around jobs etc.

Virtual reality

In 2016, virtual reality headsets are expected to hit the mass market. Virtual reality is a computer driven environment which can encourage sensations of being bodily present in the scenes a user is viewing. The year 2016 is forecasted to be an imperative year for the virtual reality community. There will be adequate opportunities for consumers to utilize them outside the gaming world, for example in movies, documentaries, armed training and even fiscal services.


Softbank’s humanoid robot Pepper was put on sale in Japan last June and was sold out instantaneously. It can operate as a mechanized office receptionist or a home supporter for the aged. In 2016, Taiwan’s Asustek plans to make public a humanoid robot of its own.

3D printing

As per some people, there’s been a great hype around 3D printing, but it still remains a key growth area with immense potential. As the materials that can be 3D printed amplify, so will the practical applications for 3D printers, with aerospace, automotive, medical, energy and the armed all fated to gain.

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