The president-elect of USA, Donald Trump, made headlines with his recent mass deportation plans. People are only speculating immigration, the Mexican border wall, and primarily- jobs. A part of America believes his programs promote ‘White America’. Since Trump has won, protests have erupted on the streets. But, buried under all the commotion, people have ignored an important question: what are his plans for science and latest technology?

President Trump’s campaign website lists his policies on childcare, economy, infrastructure, national defense, and more. What it did not feature, was a separate section on science and technology. In fact, even Hillary Clinton’s policies did not reflect any special plans in the technological sector.

Reformation of immigration rules, specifically H-1B visas will greatly affect the Silicon Valley, where a lot of immigrants are employed. Trump’s disdain is with the cheap labor and outsourced jobs that create employment woes for the Americans. As a corollary, American tech firms need to change their hiring guidelines. This is why Silicon Valley primarily supported Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump believes that the United States produces two times more of professionals than in demand. This is far from the truth.  Statistics have confirmed that USA is lagging behind in STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) degreed staff. 

Doanld trump, Donald Trump technology plans

Trump does not have any specific plans for NASA or any other campaigns for pharmaceuticals, healthcare, startups, small businesses or information technology. On the contrary, he might grill IT companies who do not share their encryption to assist law and order. Changes in trade agreements with countries, such as China might skyrocket the cost of electronic items.

Close enough, Trump’s policies did keep infrastructure, energy and cyber-security in the loop. Reading these policies gives the feeling that Donald Trump knows what he is doing. What he plans to do with the latest technology and research is still unknown.  

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