Microsoft’s Windows 10 is likely to conceal some of its coolest features and tricks, perhaps with good motive. Who desires to reboot their PC and come across a drastically altered desktop? That was the tight spot Windows users countered subsequent to upgrading to Windows 8 in 2012. Microsoft is now firm to not replicate that slip-up with Windows 10. Listed below are some of the most constructive, hidden features of Windows 10 you’re going to find:

  1. Place the Web and desktop in your toolbar

Now, with Windows 10, you can make your desktop toolbar more potent than ever with a handful tweaks in a configuration menu, toting up a Web address bar and desktop links. Click the toolbar, and right-click in whichever vacant space you can come across, select the “Toolbars” tab. There, you will choose one of three alternatives: Address, Desktop, and Links. Through the address bar, you can rapidly type in a Web site and start on your browser.

  1. Find which apps take up the largest part

This feature is perfectly concealed away in Settings > System > Storage, which will land you in a list of the drives on your PC. Click a drive, and you will be given a helpful rundown of how much space is occupied by the apps, photos, videos etc. on that particular drive. Click every single subcategory to acquire further details.

  1. Forget-Me-Not Files

Are you bad at remembering the names of PowerPoint decks? Now you just have to go the search bar and enter the file type “.ppt”, and it will display each and every saved PowerPoint file, which can be sorted by relevance. And same is for Word docs and Excel spreadsheets.

  1. Marginalia

Right in the upper left hand corner, Microsoft Edge comprises a pen and notepad. Click on that option, and Edge will alter the webpage into mark-up mode. Make use of digital ink, text boxes and highlighters to mark up the page. Utilize the share icon to email or save your web clippings.

  1. Mail’s hidden Clutter feature

Although Microsoft sort out spam mails, yet the it also sends email that you perhaps don’t care about in a “Clutter” folder, a attribute that is currently integrated in the Windows 10 Mail application. Clutter is not reasonably spam, but not quite significant, either.

  1. Go away, Cortana!

Finally, there’s a snap to disable Cortana. And you’ll almost certainly want to make sure your data is obliterated from the Microsoft cloud, if you choose you want Windows 10 to safeguard your privacy.

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