Google introduced new Android N 7.0 Developer preview for Nexus Devices. The Android N 7.0 is in beta mode. If you wish to try Android N 7.0 but don’t have a Nexus device, you can Install Android 7.0 on your PC running on Windows 7, 8, 8.1,10 or Mac OS Macbook Pro, Air. To simplify IT solutions, listed below are steps that will tell you how to install Android N 7.0 on your PC.

Step 1: Download and install the newest Android SDK on your PC from the Google’s developer website.

Step 2: Set up the Android SDK.exe files to a location of your choice on your PC.

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Step 3: After installation, start the SDK manager on your PC.  Once the SDK gets started, you will see a list of tools that can be downloaded on your PC. But to install the Android N on your PC, all you have to install are these packages:  Android N (API 23, N Preview) and Android SDK Platform-tools.

Step 4: Now you need to install these two packages. Confirm the selected packages and accept the license agreement to move further ahead. Now wait for downloading and installation process to finish.

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Step 5: Once the download process is finished and items are installed, open Android SDK folder in the installed location and run AVD Manager.exe. Upon launch, click the Create button, and you should see a Create new Android Virtual Device (AVD) pop-up on your PC.

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Step 6: Now you need to fill the required details in the popup windows as per your choice. Ideally, you should give a name to the new virtual machine. Choose a device from the list and set the target as Android N (Preview) – API Level N (Then AVD manager automatically sets it to the latest version). Select the remaining options as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 7: As per your PC configuration set the settings and hit OK. You should opt for a low RAM AVD if your computer has significantly less memory.

Step 8: After the settings, find the new AVD from the AVD manager and click on start to launch your virtual device.

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Step 9: Now a small popup window will be shown, enable the Scale display to real size option unless you want to run the AVD in the original size. Click the launch button when you’re done with the settings.

Step 10: You will be shown another window with the Android N booting up on your new Android Virtual Device.

Step 11: Be patient, as it can take a good long time to load the AVD depending upon the hardware configuration of your PC. Now that you know how to run Android N on your PC, you can experience the newest of Google.

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