Published in the mid of 2014, the 11th revised edition of the USALI, Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry was implemented on January 1, 2015. The accountability for amending the USALI lies with the Financial Management Committee (FMC) of the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA).

In the 11th Revised Edition the turn of phrase “labor costs” has substituted “payroll costs”. The utilization of contracted, chartered and outsourced manual labor is budding within the accommodation industry, especially in the staff categories of room attendants, conference/banquet service staff, and spa technicians. The changeover from payroll costs to labor costs identifies the significance of including the costs related to contracting / outsourced payroll together with direct payroll costs, in presenting the total departmental costs linked with service delivery. It is recommended to outsource your payroll from promising IT companies like Kryptonsoft that provide offshore software development outsourcing services in India for business and ventures seeking the budgeted outsourcing partner for the development.

The 11th Revised Edition entails that the cumulative salaries of management and non-management human resources be presented within every unit. As a general rule, management wages have a propensity to be more rigid in nature, while non-management salaries will differ with business volume. By having a better understanding of the permanent and variable components, title-holders and operators will achieve more insights into the chronological and potential future appointments of salaries and wages.

The 11th Revised Edition endows with enhanced assistance on handling service charges for both the revenue recognition and expenditure categorization. On the revenue side, service charges are graded as Other Revenue in each of the operated departments. Applying the corresponding principle, service charge distributions are incorporated as a split classification of Labor Costs in each of the operated and undistributed departments.

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