Outsourced Payroll software refers to the summation of the entire financial records of salaries/wages, bonuses and deductions of an employee. It majorly entails the involvement of a third party vendor for processing the company’s payroll. Broadly, there are 3 key phases of payroll service that are drawn in outsourcing payroll depending upon the grade of services rendered by the vendor. Outsourcing is a beneficial service for many business organizations.

  1. Basic DIY Payroll service

In general the third-party vendor endows with cloud based software that can be used by the company’s employee to evaluate and prepare the paychecks. Commonly the payroll services are provided by way of direct deposit or pay card, even though several services still needs a physical check as per the necessity. Furthermore, this service includes the capabilities to organize and file payroll tax returns and outstanding pay payroll taxes.

  1. Full Service Payroll processing

This service is much the same thing like the first one, with the only exception that the entire data is transferred to the outsourced vendor. The vendor undertakes the tasks of data entry and initiate payroll being processed.

  1. Employee Leasing

This service in fact acts as a legal employer for each of the company’s employee and basically leases them back to the company. This service is an ideal one for small employers who would like to put forward benefits such as retirement plans and faction insurance, but generally lack at large enough count of employees to acquire good pricing.

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  1. PheobeJones says:

    Outsourcing is a big advantage for small business firms as they can get expert views and efficiency without spending huge amount on them and thereby focusing on their goals.


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