The initiative of materializing innovations, technical expansions and the aspiration to attain competitive edge in research and development drives the organizations towards testing various options and bring out innovative outcomes. According to Kryptonsoft, constrained research and development in a specific field could at times set back an organization from its competitors. Thus, there is a need for cross domain research that splits diverse applications and technologies, perhaps achieved by way of group effort or sometimes through outsourcing. We present you some technological changes due to outsourcing.

The core idea of Outsourcing is nothing but one of the by-products of globalization, representing a different side of Intellectual Property (IP) and technology, on the whole. To understand Outsourcing better, you can read Is Outsourcing a beneficial service? In other words, this field entails at its very early stage, identification of which party is contributing its technology, probably an IP towards foundation of a new IP, by means of outsourcing; and how the outsourcing is being attained and administered through mutual agreement.

Usually, at the time when it is stated that an IP is being contributed towards generation of a new IP through outsourcing, the common question arises that whether a license for background IP is being issued to the other party using it?

Specifically, when outsourcing of a technology sequentially leads to collaborative research and acquisition of IP jointly by parties, a variety of requirements have to be met with respective Patent Offices. e.g.: the need of Foreign filing license in India necessitates that if an Inventor living in India is occupied in any research, then a patent application for said research cannot be filed outside India without keeping the Patent Office informed of the same. Therefore, so as to file the patent application outside India, the Inventor has to get hold of a foreign filing certification. Similar types of these requisitions can be seen with other Patent Offices too.

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