Coders are in great demand today, because of their dynamic abilities to generate interactive user interfaces (UI) or the back end for the websites. With over 600 unique programming languages, deciding on the best programming language in demand for your career could be a tough ask.

Here is the list of programming languages that are in demand for 2018:

1. Swift: More popular than objective-C, this language is used for developing the native iOS or Mac OS apps, and is the programming language with a high potential to return good amount on your investments. It was heavily influenced by Ruby and Python, and is user friendly.

2. Ruby: A general purpose, object oriented programming language founded in the year 1993, is 5 times more in demand than Python. It is one of the fastest growing languages that reads like English. It is so easy to use, that a user can create an app in under 10 minutes. Ruby is a programming language in demand in 2018.

3. PHP: It is a widely used language, all thanks to WordPress. Around 80% of the top 10 million websites around the world use PHP in some way or another, including Facebook and Wikipedia. There is no aligned way to build features, and it boasts flexibility in problem solving.

Programming languages in demand.

4. C++: Created as a successor to language C, it gained popularity, for good reasons. The language had predefined classes that can work well with already classes already created by the programmer. It is one of the most powerful languages, which hosts a variety of features and servers as a basic to other programming languages.

5. Javascript: According to recent survey done by Stack Overflow Developer Survey, which surveyed over 64,000 developers in 173 countries. It was found that an astounding 62.5% developers around the world used Javascript. Clearly specifying its future scope.

6. Java: Designed as a bypass complexity of C++, Java is one of the most practical languages. It reinforces Object –oriented principles used in modern languages including C++, Perl, Python and PHP. It is a popular choice among students who wish to create mobile apps and video games.

7. C#: Designed by Microsoft, it is a general purpose, multi paradigm programming language used for developing apps on the Microsoft platform. It is an object-oriented programming language, which works for apps powered by .NET framework. So, if that is your market, C# is best suited for you.

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