Apple officially took the wraps off the latest iOS at its twenty-seventh Worldwide Developers Conference. Dubbed as the biggest operating system release so far by Apple, iOS 10 brings along variety of new features.

Here are the most important features of the latest iOS 10:

  1. Lock screen is redesigned with interactive features

iOS is now capable of waking up the iPhone the second it is picked up. The lockscreen notifications got redefined with real time updates and direct replies.

  1. Siri’s API is now available for third party developers

A big feature of the latest iOS has opened up Siri’s API to developers. It means now it’s possible to integrate Siri’s functionality into third party apps. Siri can now be used to send messages via Slack, authenticate transactions, initiate Skype and Vonage voice calls.

  1. Smarter keyboard with multilingual typing and intelligent suggestions

iOS 10 also packs a smarter virtual keyboard. This keyboard will be able to give smart word suggestions with the help of Siri. The voice assistant can schedule automatic reminders, access current location, check your calendar and support multilingual typing.

  1. Redesigned photos app with automatic movie creation, better sharing

iOS 10 brings along notable improvements in the Photos app. The app is now powered by advanced machine learning technology for upgraded facial recognition. Also, the deep learning feature can now be used to identify objects (living and non-living). Other than that the app will also arrange photos into playable movies.

  1. Enhanced Apple Maps with third party extensions

Redesigned Apple Maps now come with new features. Users can now slide up the bottom of the device’s screen, and receive suggestions about traffic, restaurants, etc. Now developers will be able create extensions for Apple Maps.

  1. An overhauled music app

Music app in the latest iOS has been overhauled from the ground-up. The app has a new design, and in addition to standard sections (e.g. Artists, Playlists) includes a ‘Downloaded Music’ section. Not just that, the new app can also display song lyrics.

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