Browsing the Internet will soon be a lot more customized to your taste. Opera, a famous web browsing platform, will now feature artificial intelligence (AI) in its products. The company has invested considerably in AI and you might see the AI-infused Opera products roll out at the end of 2017. An IT services business will find it most useful as it’ll speed up a lot of lengthy and difficult processes.

According to Sunil Kamath, the vice president of Opera’s south Asian division, the Chinese parent Kunlun Tech has assembled a team in Beijing to work on the brand new AI platform. They are working in league with Scandinavian developers and Indian content curation teams to develop an AI algorithm that’s analytical and prognostic of the user’s needs.

To start the experimentation-fuelled adventures, Opera Neon was released. The developers promise crazy and exciting AI features in AI neon. “Neon is like a test bed for us. It will be the platform for us to test new technologies and get feedback from consumers and geeks alike”, says Sunil Kamath. Working on the desktop browser was important as it will make the project more innovative and consumer-friendly.

Opera wishes to boost its user base within two years. They want to increase the user tally to 1 billion. They recently launched a video-on-demand service to stay a step ahead of the competitors. India might see more of Opera in the coming years as they prepare to expand their market share. Web browsers and artificial intelligence were never thought to be infusible. Opera’s ground-breaking approach to developing a new kind of browser is definitely a golden egg for them. However, it also raises security concerns. Recording someone’s browsing habit is a formidable way of profiling the personality and choices of an individual. Only time will tell what Opera Neon has in its Pandora’s box!

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