If you are planning to learn programming languages this year, then first of all decide which language you wish to learn in the initial stage. If you are a beginner then, it really matters. As once you decide which programming language you want to study, then you need to plan in advance that in which industry you want to implement these skills. Apart from this you will require a good instructor who can guide you.

It’s not that we are putting some guidelines to learn a particular language first. If this is your first step towards coding, then it is necessary that you follow some guidelines so that task become lot easier for you. Here are some details about programming languages which will help you put your step right:

  1. JAVA:

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Oracle’s JAVA is one the web’s longest standing, persistent and influential programming languages. You will find Java everywhere, on and off web applications, operating systems. It is very portable and works on as many platforms as possible. However, for a beginner JAVA is quite difficult to learn. In fact, in schools and colleges they start C or C++ because has bought some of its syntax from these languages. If you wish to master JAVA, then better doesn’t start from one, start from zero that is first learn C or C++. Learning JAVA will become easier.

  1. RUBY:

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Ruby is the youngest language and very easy to learn. It’s a dynamic, object- oriented programming language. Basically it was designed for beginners. You can easily learn it from quick start guide of twenty minutes available on language official site. If you wish to learn python, then ruby can be your foundation base as these languages are somewhat similar with python being on the advanced stage.

  1. Python:

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It is the easiest programming language in today’s scenario. Commands used in python are easy to learn and use. It is usually referred as scripting language, but Python is very dynamic and flexible and so it can be used in high level programming as well. Python May not start from basic, but it can definitely help out in learning other language.

For more about Python, visit- Python Programming Languages Easy Coding Tips

  1. C or C++:

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C and C++ are very significant programming languages. While C is the foundation of all languages, it is widely used imperative program language whereas C++ is a step further and added object-oriented features in its kitty. Both C and C++are foundation languages and if you learn them then they will definitely help you lot in learning other significant languages

  1. JAVA script:

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JAVA script is different from JAVA. It is a script based language and it is used almost everywhere. This language is very easy to learn and if you wish to make coding your profession, then keep in mind that JAVA script is in great demand these days.

There are many other programming languages as well which you can learn, but as a beginner you may start from any of the above languages.

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