Web applications are in boom these days. Smart phones are fully loaded with these small icons. Web applications are popular due to the ubiquity of web browsers and the convenience of using a web browser as a client update and maintain web applications without disturbing and installing software on thousands of client computers is the key reason of their popularity, as is the inherent support for cross-platform compatibility. Here are some essentials which are required for improvising web application development. There are many things which still need to be streamlined from user’s perspective.

  1. Installing call and SMS Button: Most of the applications installed in Android phones are informative. Web applications are genuine source of information and you can get the answer of most of queries. However, an installation of call and SMS will be revolution in the field of web application development as they will be more than just information tool.
  2. Include maps: Web application provide address as well as phone numbers. There are many users who are new in the city or don’t know the exact location. In such a scenario maps can be very facilitative. Installing maps with the help of Google map apps is a great initiative in web application development.
  3. Forms: In today’s fast running pace of life no one has the time. If a user doesn’t have time to give a call or SMS, in such sub-serve how can the contact be established. Forms can be great alternative in this. You can get the personal information of user and you can contact them afterwards. This will provide an excellent customer support.
  4. Unfolding content: Another component which should be taken care is that browsing is not limited on laptops and personal computers. It can also be done through Smart phones. Hence, the content as well as the design of the web application should be responsive. So, those mobile phone users can browse it easily.

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  1. Easy Navigation: some web applications are quite complex and very difficult to navigate. Users do get confused on such web applications. Simplicity is a very essential part in web application development. It will increase user satisfaction.
  2. Quality content: Web applications are mini versions of website. A web developer has to maintain balance between simplicity and quality of the content. Improvisation of content and simplicity are the basic essentials of web application development. If web developer has to work toward this maintain equilibrium.
  3. Multimedia content: Users prefer to watch informative videos and explanatory pictures rather than reading large content. They are able to grab more information through this multimedia content.
  4. Linking with the Main website: Web applications must be linked with the main website so that if user wants more information, then he can get it easily through main website. Offering this possibility will tend increase user satisfaction and he can get more information.
  5. External links: Social networking plays a very important role in sales promotion. Branding on social networking can prove out to build a user friendly relationship.

Web applications play a very crucial role in today’s scenario. Hence, their development will certainly lead to customer satisfaction and brand popularity.

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