Most of us would be unaware of the facts about new update of Google Maps for Android Phones and now you can rummage around nearby companies and acquire directions while driving, together with voice prompts at each turn you make, even if your device is not connected to the Internet. Google Claims that this version would be soon available for iPhones as well.

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This new feature is perfect in case you’re attempting to find way out in underground parking structure or a remote national park. It’s additionally incredible in case you’re flying out abroad and need to preserve on costly data plans. Google is additionally focusing on users in developing markets, where cell speeds are slower and costs are higher in respect to run of the salaries.

Mapping applications integrated with Windows phones have long had this component, yet Windows has a minor piece of the market share when juxtaposed with iPhones and Android Offline mapping is additionally accessible with some third—party applications, including Nokia’s Here.

Google Maps has had a restricted offline component. It gives you a chance to spare a small region before time; however it’s just like presenting a paper map in a phone application. You can’t utilize it for navigation we’ve generally expect in advanced and digital maps.

You’ll have to download databases before hand, ideally when you have Wi-Fi connectivity. And for this, begin via hunting down an area, for example, a city. At that point nip in or out to choose what area you need to download. Bigger territories will give you more flexibility for route navigation, yet they additionally take up more storage. As you change your choice, you’re told how extensive the document is and the amount of storage on the phone you are left with.

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