We usually look at smartphones as the 21st-century savior of Homo Sapiens. It has successfully ushered in an era of enhanced interactivity and elevated people from technological obscurity. Nevertheless, we fail to realize that these featured phones have a major role to play in digitalization than smartphones.

Recent surveys suggest that the figures for sale of feature phones surpass those of smartphones in India. The reasons are quite obvious. Feature phones are relatively cheap, thus fitting in the purchasing power of a country like India with low capita income. The add-on reasons encompass high cost of data and technological constraints that prevent people from reaching a new-generation communication platform.

If statistics are to be believed, surveys conducted by Kantar IMRB and MMA concluded that feature phone users surpass average Indian on media consumption rates. Not only this, the expenditure on mobile plans is more forfeature phone users, as compared to their smartphone counterparts. Furthermore, a startling revelation stated that feature phone users come from affluent family backgrounds and also the average age is higher for them.

To put it in layman terms, a feature phone is the one that seeks limited support for third party applications. They can send and receive calls, undertake browsing, listen to music online, play games and much more.

On the flip side, since feature phones are cheap, they come with limited characteristics. Camera quality is not good, and browsers don’t support entire web. Nokia 1100 is a famous example that has even limited functionalities.

Feature phones, however, come with benefits as well like cost-effectiveness, enhanced battery backup and owner’s satisfaction.

What’s holding it back is the fact that feature phones are not glamorous, small screen, low-speed internet support, and varied other features.

To put it in nutshell, feature phones are a great way to usher India into the digital era.



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