The Matrix is a cult classic film for all the nerds and Keanu Reeves fans. This film around a computer simulation posed an important threat to the protagonist, die in the Matrix and you’ll die in real life. The truth, however, is not far from reality. Virtual reality games can affect you deeply in the real world. Playing ‘Amnesia’-style horror title? You might end up with an adrenaline boost and palpitations when you put the VR headset down.

Thomas Talbot, a medical expert on VR says, “VR depends on visual cues. This means that your brain believes what it perceives over the other senses”. He further adds, “Almost all of the VRs are quite mixed up with neuro biology and human factors study. In order to create a safe experience, one really needs to understand human perception and how it works on a biological level.”   

The above opinion is strengthened by the fact that VR technologies make use of health monitoring systems. The tests cut down unpleasant feelings generated by VR like dizziness and nausea. The heart rate is checked to measure stress in the body. Motion, user’s actions, and other neurotic factors shape VR as the real-deal.

The negative effects are a source of concern for VR designers. To lessen the dizziness or nausea, VR designers often design a cockpit or a helmet to stabilize the orientation. For bigger problems like seizures and heart conditions, it is imperative that VR players should get medical advice first.

Despite the difficulties, VR is being used as an effective treatment for psychological disorders such as vertigo and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. It ultimately falls down to the user’s discretion and responsiveness when using virtual reality. In the future, real life immersion will further be realized with multi sensory elements that go beyond sight and sound. The Matrix anyone? 

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  1. Rihana says:

    virtual reality is making people crazy, but people losing track of reality, which is sad

  2. Matrix in Real Life The Consequences of Virtual... says:

    […] Virtual reality games can affect you deeply in the real world. Playing ‘Amnesia’-style horror title? You might end up with an adrenaline boost  […]

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