Python has become one of the most popular programming languages. It’s one of those programming languages that have many gems to discover.

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Let’s dig into the following important and easy Python coding tips for programmers and testers.

1. Running Python Scripts

Python scripts can be run from the command line on most of the UNIX systems in the following manner.

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2. Using Enumerate() Function

The enumerate() function can add a counter to an iterable object (an object that has __iter__ method that returns an iterator.

A common example of the enumerate() function is to keep track of the index and loop over a list.

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3. Running Python Program From Python Interpreter

The Python interactive interpreter is quite easy to use. You can use any Python command after trying your first steps in programming.

Python console can be launched by issuing the following command:

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4. Dynamic Typing

In statically typed programming languages like Java, users have to specify the data type of the function return value along with the type of each function argument. Python is a dynamically typed language in which you need not provide the data types. Python keeps track of the data type internally, based on value assigned by you.

The example below shows how a function can examine its arguments.

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5. The Data Type Set

The data type “set” is a form of selection. Since version 2.4 it has been a part of Python. A set comprises an unordered collection of immutable and unique objects.

If you wish to create a set then use the inbuilt set() function with a sequence or some other iterable object.

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programming languages
programming languages
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6. == AND = Operators

Python uses ‘=’ for assignment and ‘==’ for comparison. It does not support the inline assignment. Thus, there is no chance inadvertently assigning the value when you wish to compare it.

7. Conditional Expression

Conditional expressions are allowed by Python. So, instead of writing an if .. else with just single variable in each branch, follow the example below.

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We hope these Python Programming Languages Easy Coding Tips will prove to be useful for you.

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